What We Cover in the Program

5 areas to overcome your low back pain!

  1. Prepare Your Body
  2. Focused Isolation Training
  3. Full Body Strengthening 
  4. Full Integration
  5. Regenerative Restoration and Recover

The 5 Areas – Expanded

  1. Prepare Your Body
  2. Remove food borne internal inflammation which inhibits the core musculature.
  3. Manage stress which reduces faulty engagement of the deep abdominal wall.
  4. Focused Isolation Training
  5. Focused stretching to restore the proper length of short and tight muscles.
  6. Focused strengthening to shorten elongated muscles to restore proper muscle length.
  7. Focused stabilization to restore stabilization muscles that are inactive due to dysfunction.
  8. Full Body Strengthening
  9. Three levels of exercises based on how much spinal loading with the exercise. This allows for gradual return to normal activities without an unnecessary increased risk of pain or injury.
  10. Level 1 exercises have no spinal loading but prepares the body by engaging the key muscle groups for spinal loading.
  11. Level 2 exercises have some, but minimal spinal loading while incorporating some core recruitment with these exercises.
  12. Level 3 exercises have spinal loading with an increased level of core recruitment to strengthen the body for a return back to normal daily activities.
  13. Full Integration
  14. At this stage, we integrate the Functional 6-Pack combined with full body movement into the next level of training.
  15. The purpose of this step and level is to prepare you for any unexpected stress, force or unsteady environment to limit your chances of low back pain due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  16. Rebuild, Restoration and Recovery
  17. Sleep quality, quantity and timing to allow your body to restore and recover to the best level possible. This allows your body to become more resistant to low back pain or injury.
  18. Nutrition quality to allow your body the most nutrient density to rebuild every cell in your body. These cells make up your brain and other vital organs, your bones, muscles, ligament and tendons.

Program Structure

The program is structured to allow you to overcome your low back pain with lasting results in the fastest time possible. In order to achieve this, we need to address each of the potential challenge areas that lead to most bouts of low back pain. Although the focus on the program is to have your experience fast results, we need to make sure that we are not taking shortcuts that will adversely affect your long-term results.  

This is why we have 5 areas to the Functional 6-Pack program. These 5 areas are the foundational blocks the need to be addressed and strengthen in order to recover from low back pain and live your life pain free without the fear of
your low back pain returning!

There are 2 ways to take part in the program:

Self-Paced Online

Private Coaching

Included in all programs

All programs have access to the Facebook group with email/chat support to ensure your questions, concerns and challenges are answered.

Group chat option to converse with your fellow participants.

All Facebook lives as they happen and the past recordings.

Self-Paced Online:

 The self-paced online program is currently in development with the expected release date of June10th 2023. Presales are available right now.

Private Coaching:

This option is a custom program built specific for you and your individual needs based on the in-depth assessment results that establishes your starting point. I coach and train you through the program steps to help you reach the fastest results of eliminating your low back pain and return back to your normal activities with the peace of mind that your low back pain will not return from performing those regular activities that you love. If you are considering this option, contact me directly to ensure this is the best option for you and your needs. Spots are limited and only available to qualified candidates.

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